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Harbor Fit is an indoor cycling, yoga and fitness studio where you will find quality certified instructors, flexible schedules, a stunning view of the harbor while you work out, and a community of fun, active people with whom to pursue and achieve your fitness goals!   greatnews

WE HAVE FINALLY MOVED into our new digs!  Come visit us next door in our new studio, right on the waterfront (even closer than we were before!). Just take the stairs next to Salon Riviera and you’ll find us!  Grand opening celebration details to follow.


Did you know you can AUTO PAY!? How convenient! Your credit card can be charged automatically for your monthly unlimited classes.

To set up autopay from our website:

Click on Register/My Account and Log-in Click on Online Store Click on Contracts tab Click on Auto-Pay for Unlimited Monthly Classes

30-day notice required to cancel. Contact Michele at ma3brooks@yahoo.com with any questions.


GIFT CARDS!  – Harbor Fit has gift cards available that you can print out or email to someone for any birthday, holiday, special occasion, or “just because.” Go to http://www.harborfitllc.com/ Sign in or create an account Click on on-line store Click on gift cards


PRICING SCHEDULE (Classes can be purchased in class packages or monthly unlimited. Click on the Register/My Account tab  above for more info.) Students – $50 for unlimited classes per month Adults – $70 for unlimited classes per month Available now (30 days starts on 1st visit). Purchasing one month unlimited classes allows you to sign up for ANY of our classes.  Just sign up here for the classes you would like to attend. First Class Free! Go to the schedule tab and click on the class name to see the description.


FALL CLASS SCHEDULE                                                          

NOTE: !!!*Please check www.harborfitllc.com for schedule updates/changes  !!!                 


              CLASS SCHEDULE                                                                      

(Note: highlighted classes are taught by independent yoga instructors who rent space from HarborFit.  These classes are priced separately and fees are paid directly to the instructors.  Click on the Independent Yoga tab for more details.)



5:30-6:30am               Cycle & Strength (Michelle K)

9:00-10:00am             Cycle & Strength (Michele B)

10:45-12:00 pm      Gentle Yoga – Mary (Not a HarborFit class; click on Independent Yoga for more info)

12:30-1:30pm              Cardio Circuit/TRX (Cindy)

2-3:00 pm                 Gentle Yoga-Diane D. (Not a HarborFit Class; click on Independent Yoga tab for more info)

5:30-6:30pm                Cycle & Strength (Sydnie)



5:45-6:45am               Cycling (Michelle/Brenda)

8:15-9:00am               Cycle/Core (Brenda/Michele B)

9:30-10:30am             Yoga (Deborah)

11-12:15pm                   Yoga-Tami  (Not a Harborfit class; click on Independent Yoga tab for more info)

5:30-6:30pm               Cardio Strength Circuit (Sydnie)



5:30-6:30am                 Cycle & Strength (Brenda)

8:30-9:15am                  Cycle & Strength (Michele)

9:30-10:30am               Restorative Yoga   (Deborah)

10:45-12pm               Gentle Yoga- Mary (Not a HarborFit class; click on Independent Yoga tab for more info)

12:30-1:30pm               Cardio Circuit/TRX (Cindy)

7:30-9pm                   K. Yoga-Diane B.  (Not a HarborFit class; click on Independent Yoga tab for more info)                       



5:45-6:45am                 Cycling (Brenda)

9:30-10:30am               Gentle Yoga  (Deborah)

11-12pm                         Cardio Circuit/TRX (Janice/Cindy)

12:30-1:30pm               Zumba (Laura)

5:30-6:30pm                Cardio Strength Circuit (Sydnie)



5:30-6:30am                 “Variety” Friday (Brenda)

8:30-9:30am                   Cycle & Strength (Michele)

9:45-10:45am                 Yoga Flow (Gayle)

11-12:15pm                  Yoga-Tami (Not a HarborFit class; click on Independent Yoga tab for more info)



7:45-8:45am                  Cycle & Strength (Brenda)

9:15-10:15am                 Yoga Flow (Katie)



9-10am                           Cycle/Core (Michelle)

10:15-11:15am               Yoga Flow (Gayle)



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