We recently offered a survey to HarborFit members to solicit their feedback.  Here are some of the comments we received:


“Harbor Fit has been a life-changer for me.  I have made great strides in improving my health with lowering blood pressure, losing weight and increased energy.  HF & its instructors have created the most welcoming, friendly and supportive environment that one could ask for.  In addition, it’s a beautiful studio with an incredible view!  Can’t get enough of this place!”

“Thrilled with Harbor Fit.  I have been coming for almost 2 years.  I am so much stronger and I love my workout community.

“I love Harbor Fit!  I have seen significant results in my health, weight and general sense of well-being.

“All of the instructors are great!  They offer a great workout for all levels and they create a fun, positive atmosphere.

“I love Harbor Fit!  The staff is so friendly and the studio is great.  The new mobile app is handy for signing up for classes.


Some Client Testimonials:

“I have to say that the decision to try my first class at Harbor Fit is one of my best!  I attended my first-ever indoor cycling class in March 2012 and was instantly hooked!  The motivation comes easy with the quick results in elevated energy level and weight loss.  The indoor cycling classes along with strength training and yoga classes offered here make for a great overall fitness program.  You won’t find a friendlier, or more welcoming staff than this wonderful group of fitness instructors!~Lori Phillips

(Editor’s note: Lori was the winner of our first 90-Day Challenge.  Way to go, Lori — congratulations!)



“I started at Harbor Fit in June 2012. For years I laughed at indoor cycling – ‘Who would ever want to do that?’ WAS I EVER WRONG! I absolutely love it. I love the cycling workouts, I love the strength training, I love the camaraderie in the studio …           

I have lost pounds and inches. I’ve learned how to eat not just healthier but smarter. It has been a holistic health overhaul for me this year, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the team at HarborFit for helping me do it!” ~Arlyn Lawrence

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